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Event video 

Client:  'Walk the walk' - breast cancer charity

Brief:    Capture footage of 'Walking works of art' event held at the V&A museum in London. Central to the event was a fashion show of celebrity designed bras from fashion designers,  sporting personalities, retail and sporting industries.  

Additional footage: interviews with CEO Nina Barough, and fashion designer Patrick McDowell, plus celebrity endorsements from broadcaster Gaby Roslin, ice skater Alex Murphy and vocalist Stephen Bowman.

Treatment: The client didn't want a corporate style video, so instead of filming from a fixed position I used a camera on a monopod, and was able to move through the crowd and capture dynamic footage of the fashion show. The interviews proved to be the biggest challenge with very low light and lots of background noise. 

Client: Dangerous Minds Artists

Brief:  Capture footage of a private view art exhibition 'As we step into chaos' held at the Underdog Gallery London

Additional footage: the exhibition featured a dance show in the form of a couple having an argument which turns into a bloody fight.

Treatment: I had one camera mounted on a tripod in a DJ booth which looks down on the venue, and another camera on a 3 axis gimbal which allowed me to roam through the exhibition and capture smooth motion footage.

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