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Live performance video

Client: Apollo 440 / Reverb Music

Brief: Capture footage from two live performances to create a show-reel for promoters. 

Treatment: Most of the footage was shot at the O2 venue in Kentish Town, London. The client requested that footage include a wide shot from above to show the size of the venue, so I set up a camera on tripod in the upstairs VIP area, which I operated remotely. The other shots were taken with a camera mounted on a monopod allowing me to move through the venue. The edit was built around a medley of Apollo 440 songs and includes an animated logo. 

Client: Yuanfan Yang, concert pianist

Brief: Film performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor

Treatment: The concert took place at the Victoria Rooms in Bristol, and there were a number of restrictions on where I position my cameras. I used a fixed tripod from the side of the balcony which I controlled remotely and used another on a monopod moving around the ground floor. I also had a small camera on stage filming the keyboard of the piano. 

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