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  • Patricia White

Client Feedback

In February 2016 I needed to organise some video interviews to illustrate a 50th Anniversary issue of an academic journal. I had no experience at all of video making and a short deadline to meet. The only thing I was sure about was that I wanted videos with more sparkle to them than the format of an academic talking into a camera with a blank wall as background.

Jules was recommended me to me as a sympathetic film maker with expertise in this area. From our preliminary meeting I was impressed by his quickness in grasping what was wanted and his imaginative suggestions about locations, his anticipation of possible problems and solutions to them, and his extensive experience.

Jules was very clear about what the interviewees needed to do in preparation. The filming was done over two days in two locations, a Conference at an Oxford College, and a London College. It went without a hitch. The participants – including former journal editors, international and UK Conference attenders – were understandably apprehensive about their turn in front of the camera, but all did brilliantly. This was totally down to Jules’ careful preparation and quietly reassuring manner while filming.

The editing process went extremely smoothly. The ingenious use of cut-ins – to illustrate people, academic papers or locations – made for lively videos. Where people had mis-spoken Jules was happy to help with skilful editing.

I can honestly say that I cannot think of any way in which the whole project could have been improved. Working with Jules was a joy and his dedicated professionalism inspiring.

Patricia White

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Department of Education, Practice and Society

UCL Institute of Education

University College London

20 Bedford Way



29 June 2016

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