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New CEO of fashion brand 'Joseph'

Barbara Campos is the new CEO of fashion brand 'Joseph'. This internal communications video was filmed in front of an audience to introduce Barbara, her objectives and strategy to her staff in offices and fashion outlets around the globe.

It is always a challenge to film a presentation when the speaker is using Powerpoint as there are a minimum of two sources of light - the light in the room on the speaker and the light coming from either the projector or a Television screen.

It is important to be able to prioritize the speaker over the presentation, and for this I used 2 LED lighting panels on either side to illuminate Barbara whilst maintaining the legibility of the projection behind her for her audience.

I took a copy of the presentation and inserted the slides as images into the final edited film to create a comprehensive communication for Barbara's video audience.

Another method would have been to use a screen recorder such as the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to the record the Powerpoint presentation in real-time directly to a laptop. I would have then been able to edit between the footage from the venue and the recorded presentation.

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