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Subtitling/ Video captions Crib sheet

Updated: Jan 29

Adding subtitles to your brand's video communications ensures that your messaging is inclusive and has the potential to reach a wider global audience, but can be a time-consuming process.

Here are some notes for adding subtitles to video in Premiere Pro

  1. It may seem obvious but only start the process once the video edit has been completed and signed off by the client. Any alterations to the length of the video edit will require the following steps to be redone.


For shorter videos it is probably quicker to annotate manually, however if there is a substantial amount to annotate then it is possible to use Youtube to automate the process:

  1. Upload the video to Youtube and restrict the visibility to 'Private.'

  2. Under the title 'Language, subtitles and closed captions (CC)' select the appropriate language

  3. Youtube will automatically annotate the video but this will take time, so best to check back after 8 hours/ the following day

  4. The annotation will appear under the selected video language and is downloadable by clicking on the 3 dots

  5. The annotation will require editing for grammar and spelling mistakes

Create an .srt file

  1. The file will need to be converted from .sbv file to .srt file format, which can then be read by video editing software

  2. The timecodes will be overlapping and also require editing

  3. This can be done in SubtitleEdit software.

  4. Add punctuation and keep phrases whole

  5. Under 'Tools' use the fix common errors, merge short sentences

  6. Check for any outstanding overlaps and edit manually

  7. Save the file making sure the extension is .srt

The file is now ready to be imported into the video editing software

Font size and style

  1. In the Captions edit window change the font size and alignment of the entire .srt file by click [shift] [end] to highlight all of the text boxes. You can then choose the text size '70'pt and alignment, usually centre

  2. Use either 'Open Sans' or 'Futura' font otherwise the titles do not align correctly within the background block.

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