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Testimonial Video

Client: Join the Dots - marketing research agency

Brief:  Capture a client testimonial in an office environment. Carry out edit with stock footage. The client requested that I follow the same style for the edit as their existing testimonials which included a custom height and width. As well as incorporating images provided by easyjet, I was able to locate airline industry related b-roll from Adobe Stock.

Branding: Logos from both client and agency

Deliverable: A 3 minute video with custom height and width


If you're planning the production of testimonial videos, please see my blog page for some advice and tips on best practice.

Client: Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB)
Brief: We want to profile our members to increase engagement and foster new subscriptions to our journal. The video was shot at the University of Oxford, and to enable the interview to be conducted in front of the window, I used LED lighting panels to match the look of the daylight outside. 

Deliverables: Twelve 3 minute testimonials from members of PESGB.

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