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Video editing services

Video editor

I started editing videos in 2007 during my career as a Marketing Officer creating marketing and PR focused video communications. My focus has always been to ensure that a comprehensive narrative forms the basis of an engaging visual experience that is targeted and appropriate to the target audience.


With planned and scripted films, the onus is on the camera operator /crew to deliver the required footage including appropriate cutaways (b-roll) to add context to the narrative and also provide a means of transitioning between takes. With efficient planning and camera skill editing time can significantly be reduced.

When footage is captured in a more opportunistic fashion for example at events, there is likely to be a greater need for post-production as it may not be possible to control environmental factors such as light and background noise.

I have the full range of professional editing software tools to cope with such eventualities. I use a powerful PC with Intel i9 Core 9900k 3.6GHz for editing allowing me to speedily edit 4K/Ultra high definition footage.

My software subscriptions include Adobe Creative Cloud of which I use


  • Premiere Pro for video editing including Red Giant Magic Bullet III denoiser

  • After effects for graphics and animation

  • Photoshop for editing images and logos 

  • Illustrator for editing graphics and logos

  • Audition for audio editing 


and Motion Array for 

  • royalty free music

  • stock footage 

  • graphic templates

With my many years of experience as a marketer I have a keen eye for detail and will follow your brand guidelines to the letter and also proof-read any included text. From my video editing studio in Haringay, North London I offer the following video editing services:


  • editing footage to a specific length and defined narrative

  • mobile content production

  • animated text and graphics

  • video captions

  • audio replacement and sync 

  • reformatting/sizing for specific social platforms

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